The Audience Rate

Deutscher Titel: Die Macht der Quote
A, 2016, HD, 45 Min, ORF3


Program success on television is not least defined by numbers. But how exactly are these numbers measured? Who are those whose television behavior is recorded by the Teletest? And what power do they have over the program we see every day? The documentary follows the trail of the “Quote” and also shows the challenges of new developments such as the online TV.


Written & Directed by Erich Steiner
Edited by Red Monster
DOP: Andreas Daxer
Soundmix by Emanoel Bruckmüller
Voice: Angelika Lang
Produced by Stefan Wolner

Red Monster in Coproduction with ORF III
(austrian broadcasting corporation)
Released: 19.10.15, ORF III, Themenmontag