Healthy Business

a Stefan Wolner & Elisabeth Tschachler Film

AT 2017 | TV-Documentary | ORF III
45 minutes


For some health fanatics, staying fit has reached a level of craziness that is actually counterproductive: excessive diets and workouts exhaust the body. This increases susceptibility to sicknesses, which can have fatal consequences.

Orthorexia is one of those new phenomena: People who consider even the freshest, most organic lettuce leaf not healthy enough for their standards. They cannot find anything to eat and their health deteriorates – despite and because of their healthy ambitions. The documentary shows the excesses associated with various health ideologies and reveals the business models that profit from the recent developments.


Director: Stefan Wolner, Elisabeth Tschachler
DOP: Valentin Platzgummer, Caroline Bobek, Gregor Centner, Christian Roth, Michael Gartner
Sound: Michael Hensel, Martin Stiendl, Armin Koch, Nino Pfaffenbichler, Miodreag Mijatovic
Editor: Angela Scholz
Speaker: Angelika Lang
Sound Mixing: Soundfeiler
Production Manager: Miriam Frerk
Editorial Office: Livia Gruber (ORF III)
Program Manager: Otto Schwarz (ORF III)
Production: Eva Schindlauer (ORF III)
Overall Manager: Peter Schöber (ORF III)
Producer: Kurt Langbein