Artificial Time and Inner Clock – How our Life Gets out of Step

a Stefan Wolner and Elisabeth Tschachler Film

TV Documentary | Austria | 2015
51 minutes


Despite being looked down upon by traditional scientists, over the last years chronobiology has provided numerous new approaches to unexplained phenomena around human life – such as sicknesses. Light and rhythm shape our life. But not only ours: cabbage, for example, that is being stored in the dark contains significantly fewer nutrients than cabbage that is subjected to a circadian rhythm.

In our brains our “inner clocks” are directing our bodies’ various biorhythms, which also occur in every single cell. Light is merely an outer timer for this clock. These clocks tick at their own individual speed and differently in each organ and each phase of our lives – when this is disregarded it is at the detriment of our well-being, performance and health.


Director: Kurt Langbein, Stefan Wolner | DOP: Christian Roth | Sound: Jonathan Andel, Michael Hensel, Martin Kerschbaumer | Editor: Alexandra Wedenig | Speaker: Stefan Fleming, Valentin Schreyer | Production Manager: Brigitte Ortner, Rosemarie Prasek (3sat) | Editorial Office ORF 3sat: Petra Gruber | Overall Manager ORF 3sat: Reinhard Scolik | Scientific Advisor: Maximilian Moser, Med Uni Graz, | Producer: Kurt Langbein
A coproduction by Langbein & Partner with ORF 3sat and BMBF
Supported by TV Funds Austria and VAM