Healing Hands

a Kurt Langbein & Stefan Wolner Film

TV Documentary | Austria | 2016
47 minutes


Ancient Greeks believed that Aesculap, god of medicine, would descend from Olympus to visit sick humans while they were asleep and cure them – by touching them with his healing hands. In modern times, however, the Western world had largely forgotten about the healing powers of hands-on healing.

But in recent years many doctors have rediscovered the therapeutic use of hands. Manual therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic have now become part of conventional medical practice and “Therapeutic Touch” is being used successfully in intensive care units in numerous hospitals.

The documentary shows the spectacular results of palm healing achieved by manual therapists such as Mohammed Khalifa, who heals cruciate ruptures. A team comprised of scientists from six different universities attempts to discover the secrets underlying the successful cure.

Science journalist Kurt Langbein visits reputable manual therapists and their patients. The results are impressive and may very well cast doubt upon some credos of conventional medicine.


Director: Stefan Wolner
DOP: Christian Roth, Gregor Centner, Valentin Platzgummer
Sound: Armin Koch, Martin Stiendl, Michael Hensel
Editor: Angela Freingruber
Assistant Editor: Eva Rammesmayer
Editorial Department: Elisabeth Tschachler, Stefan Wolner, Carolin Darschin (ServusTV)
Production Management: David Gaschler, Brigitte Ortner, Melanie Kaboto (ServusTV)
Sound Mixing: Soundfeiler
Producer: Kurt Langbein
A production by Langbein & Partner for ServusTV